vineyard genetic code

The following 10 hallmarks should characterise any local Vineyard church. John Wimber, the founder of the Vineyard Association of Churches, intended that it would stand alone as a ten-point summary of the basics of the Vineyard. Because they are the common characteristics of the family of Vineyard churches, we call them the “Vineyard genetic code”.

  • The BIBLE is central to our teaching, faith and life. This means simple, life-oriented teaching and Biblical exposition.
  • WORSHIPPING GOD is our highest priority. Not just singing; it’s much more than that. It has to do with regular, corporate, contemporary worship that is personal, intimate and non-manipulative.
  • SMALL GROUPS (home groups, focus groups etc.) are the basic structure of the church. They are a place of relationship, growth and discipleship, where people feel that they belong and are accepted. They also provide a risk-free environment in which to develop and practise spiritual gifts.
  • SPIRITUAL GIFTS are in every believer and need to be identified, encouraged and exercised for the common good.
  • TRAINING is fundamental to the church – to ‘equip people’ for the work of ministry in all its aspects as well as for life itself.

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