stages of growth

  • 1987: International Christian Fellowship (ICF), as the new church was known, soon outgrew its first home and moved to a series of larger locations in Brussels.
  • Mid-1990’s: ICF developed contacts with the Vineyard movement in the UK. Teams visited Belgium, relations deepened and many Vineyard values and practices were adopted.
  • 2002: The leaders explored the possibility of becoming a Vineyard church and began to build close ties with the Benelux Vineyards. It became clear that ICF’s core values were aligned with those of the Vineyard movement.
  • January 2004: The church was officially welcomed as a full member of the Association of Vineyard Churches (AVC), becoming Vineyard Brussels.
  • December 2004: Vineyard Brussels moved to a venue in Evere, which it rented 24/7, providing office, meeting and training space.
  • April 2013: Vineyard Brussels moved to Auderghem/Oudergem.

People now come to Vineyard Brussels from across the city and throughout Belgium to meet together both on Sundays and during the week.



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